Life On Line nr. 3, 15 marts 09

life-on-lineTibet, Online Sexcapades and Calypso Landgrabs - Life On Line, March 15th

Animated internet TV talk show Life On Line takes a playful look at how people use their online time for news and entertainment, creativity, love, friendship, business, shopping, political engagement, work and play.This edition of Life On Line focuses on recent developments in Tibet where news is hard to come by. SpaceJunky dedicates the song ‘Temple of Love' to the hope that the Dalai Lama may one day return to Tibet.Newsman Sigmund Leominster reports on a new virtual world for tweens - ‘Scapenation' and a scam inside Runescape in which players were tricked into revealing their passwords.We also visit MindArk's virtual world Calypso where John Bates reports on the latest landgrab, a new machinima contest and a mysterious egg?!

Resident psych Dr Roman Candle gets serious about cybersex and what it can do to real world relationships.

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