Second Life 1'ste april 2009 roundup

no_scam_sign_100Flere forsøgte sig, med skiftende held. Du ved, det var 1. april i går?

  • En Second Life DJ signer pladekontrakt
  • Peter Stindberg bliver degraderet fra resident til Linden
  • Harvard University lukker, og går i stedet 100% online
  • Linden Lab indfører skat på teleportering
  • Prokofy Neva...well, hun er bare Prokofy Neva

Second Life Musician and DJ Doubledown Tandino Signed to Def Jam Recordings
Associated Press
"NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK - Kanye West, Jay-Z, and The Isley Brothers are just a few of artists that have been signed with Def Jam Recordings. Now, Doubledown Tandino has been approached and officially signed to the major hip-hop record label."

Og linker til den fulde historie her

One journey ends, the next journey begins
"The journey of Peter Stindberg has come to an end. This morning's email brought the final confirmation - the account will be put on hold. My journey will continue though - as Peter Linden."

/me wants a bear, too!!!

Harvard University to Go Entirely Online: Historic Campus to Become Commercial and Residential Complex Named "Harvard's 100 Yard"
"According to insider information I received from colleagues in the academic community, in a bold move to ensure its fiscal survival, Harvard University will today announce that it is going entirely online as of April 1, 2010."

Linden Labs implement teleport tax
Via Google translate: "Mark Kingdom (aka M Linden) is trasalito when he read a Reuters that today attributed the decision to tax a linden to teleport the ability of residents to move at will throughout Second Life."

VCs Back Surprising New Prokofy Open Source System Experiment
"Astute Twitter drillers will have already noticed that something has been afoot for SLebrity SLogger Prokofy Neva -- a veritable man-bites-dog-bites-bytes story in the works for weeks, tipsters told us tonight. Venture capitalists and tech moguls have been following Prokofy and chatting him up on the popular Twitter service, sending him quiet DMs of approval, and circling the monocled Second Life gadfly with increasing regularity in the virtual worlds of Twitter and Second Life."

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