How is Malin?

I lost contact with my dear friend Malin Romie/Romy Svensson.

Malin Romie SvenssonNothing sucks as much as when a friend gets sick, you suddently loose contact, and don't know how that friend is today.

Malin got sick in 2008
She was still sick, when we lost contact in mid 2010.

Now I wonder what happend. Is she okay, still sick, or......?

Although I hope the best, I worry that something bad has happened, and would appreciate if a friend, or relative, would be kind and drop me a line.

If you know anyone, on the pictures below, please contact them, and show them this page.

Thank you!

Also known as: Malina, Marly, Marlyr.
Her birthday is in July.
She lived in a bigger town i southern Sweden.
Worked at a place where there where kids.
Sister lived in Stockholm.
Have relatives in Uppland (Sweden)
Last known location is Ireland.
(Lots of info left out, for privacy)

Ofcourse it would be nice to get back in contact with Malin.
But most important: it would be great, just to know, if she is okay.

If you know how she is, or know who I can contact, I would appreciate a mail: Contakt

Some of Malin's friends and family

Malin - Anna - Sofie
Malin, Anna(bella), Sofie

Suzi, Alex, Cia, Malin







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