2ndblogFørste danske journalist på linksiden!
Ley Wrangler (SL navn) aka journalisten Kenneth Ley Milling, blogger både på engelsk og dansk, selv skriver han på sin engelsksprogede 2ndblog (link nederst):

This is literally my 2nd blog..[ ]...Since most my contacts and friends is SL are not danish, I thought it to be most polite to have this blog in english, and dedicated only to SL. People should be able to read, what I write about them.

The 2ndblog is - like a lot of other blogs - about the virtual world of Second Life. The blog is independent and (so far) only written by me. No Linden Lab connection here - neither financially or contentwise. In it you'll fine posts about what surprises me, thrill me, excites me or makes me laugh.

I find virtual worlds in general interesting - not only Second Life. However the Linden Lab digital sphere I've decided to stay in for awhile. Eventhough I must admit I find the name ‘Second Life' misleading. In my view there is no such thing as a second life. There can be more content or even extentions to real life - such as ‘Second Life', ‘World of Warcraft', Your-favorite-football-club or any other thing you decide to spend some of your living time on.

Virtual worlds ARE real - it's not a dream. So please, dear critics, stop telling everybody it's a waste of time and that it's overrated and has no future. Your sounding like the ones that thought cars, railways, color-TV and cellphones wasn't going to make any difference to the world.

So please enjoy the 2ndblog.

Det er jeg sikker på vi vil!

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