6 months with Second Life news - some heavy death throes!

I would really first have brought this article in about 7 days, but I have chosen bring it a bit earlier.

I will share some observations, that I have made myself the last 6 months, about the dying virtual world Second Life.
For example, how many articles Second Life has generated since I started my blog Mirrorworld.

On the 11th July 2008, Danmarks Radio (national TV station) broadcasted the news of Second Life's death.
The reason was the launch of Google Lively. That provoked me to start bringing news and articles about Second Life. But only in Danish.

My humble contribution
My first article was 14/10-08. Today I have only reached just over 500 articles (plus what is below the "Tips and FAQs" section) and 145 links in Link collection, far from covering everything, I would have liked to blog in Mirror World.

Second Life and virtual worlds in general
Right now I have 243 unread mail from Google alert, which is about virtual worlds and Second Life. Each email contains approx. 1-15 links to articles, which I have had to neglect lately, because of the more current RSS news feeds.
In the last 60 days, Google alert generated just under 2100 messages, corresponding to min. 2100, max 31,500 articles.
A quick glance gives maybe 4 articles pr. mail. It is still more than 8000 articles in 60 days about virtual worlds in general.
It is equivalent to 24,000 articles in 6 months.

Second Life only
Of the above 2100 Google alert mails, 1310 contains the words "Second Life".
Loosely estimated, 4 in each mail, sums 5240, again at 60 days.
15,700 in 6 months

52 Selected Second Life RSS feeds generate somewhere between 1 and 40 links, each, in every feed every day.
It is 52 to 2,000 articles a day, just about Second Life.
Minimum of 10,000 articles, over 6 months, and only on the pages I have chosen to follow RSS feeds from. That number is much higher, but I wont guess the real number.

My Facebook profile has received 600 links in the last month. That is only in 3600, the last half year.

Best guestimate:
A minimum of 53,300 links and articles where Second Life is responsible for 28,600 since I started 14 October 2008.

What the real figure is? I don't know, but certainly much higher.
I can only estimate in what I have recieved, and only follow a small portion of the Internet. Mostly limited by language. What happens on other languages like Rusian, Indian, Chinise, South America, eg. Brazil, etc., I can't tell.

What have been neglected?
A folder in my browser contains 177 links, to articles I want to come back to and write a well researched article, with a proper text.
I have chosen not to follow Twitter, plurk and other micro-blogs, be course of lack of time.
I have not had time to write articles on virtual fashion and role-playing, which in my opinion, require a good in-depth text and description.

Naturally there are some overlaps and duplicates, but it shows that there are more then enough to write about. And more and more is coming, every day.

If Second Life is dying, then it's really some heavy death throes!

Danish Second Life in Denmark.

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