Danish Metrotopia Machinima Contest 2009

2009 machinima contest

MACHINIMA is the latest innovation in user-generated content to gain mainstream prominence. It is a media, film and art form rapidly evolving into a new form of cultural and personal expression online. As part of our interest in understanding virtual worlds, and how people innovate with and in them, we at Danish Roskilde University, are thrilled to announce an international competition to highlight machinima production in Linden Lab’s Second Life. The contest is about filmmaking in Second Life and especially in the Metrotopia City of Superheroes and Superheroines. The theme of your film is entirely open.

The only requirement is that one or more scenes in your film take place in the City of Metrotopia, Second Life (SLURL)


The Metrotopia city and research laboratory is one of several subprojects under the Virtual Worlds Research Project. This large collaborative project, running from 2008-2011, joins university researchers at two Danish universities (Roskilde University and Copenhagen Business School) and a range of different partners. The project is funded by the funded by the Danish Strategic Research Council, KINO and explores sense-making and user-driven innovation in virtual worlds – Machinima being one of several research areas in which virtual worlds are used innovatively.


Submission deadline – November 22, 2009

Voting period – September 24, 2009 through December 9, 2009

Second Life Denmark

Winners will be announced – December 11, 2009 on worlds.ruc.dk

More info at Roskilde University´s website Metrotopia Machinima Contest 2009

Second Life Denmark

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