Pop Art Lab - Machinima konkurrence

pop-art-lab-logo-2008Danske PAL åbner snart ny sim

For at fejre åbningen har PAL skudt en machinima konkurrence i gang, med førstepræmie på 100.000 Linden dollars.

Foreløbige program er fastsat, med live musik optræden, DJ's og en erfaren machinima jury, med medlemmer fra MaMachinima, Linden Lab, RUC og selvfølgelig Claus selv.

Program, indtil videre:

April 16 European Opening
12:00 PM PST/SLT: Opening Ceremony w. guest speakers + visuals
1:00 PM: Highlights, screening of contest machinimas
1:30 PM: Announcement of the winner of machinima contest plus DJ
2:00 PM: Live music DJs and party
5:00 PM: End

April 16 US Opening
7:00 PM/SLT: Opening Ceremony w. guest speakers + visuals
8:00 PM: Highlights, screening of contest machinimas
8:30 PM: Announcement of the winner of machinima contest plus DJ
9:00 PM: Live music, DJs and party
12:00 AM: End

Live optræden og DJ's
As for the live music and DJs the following artists confirmed:
Redzone, Fine Caliber, MommaLuv Skytower, Starflower Orbit

Pop Art Lab will launch brand new sim design mid April and therefore decided to set up a machinima contest at our "old" sim design as it looks now. By doing this we capture the memories more than 25.000 visitors have seen and quite a few praised since our opening back in 2008. Pop Art Lab is a music sim streaming each weeks best new albums in pop, rock, electronica and r&b/hiphop. At the grand opening of our new sim the old one will be completely removed and we will host a huge weekend party where we announce the winner of the machinima contest, screen the best films and have lots of live artists, DJs etc.

The maximum film length is 5 minutes. The theme of your film is entirely open. The only requirements are 90-100% of scenes take place in the Pop Art Lab sim

Each participant who wants to rezz must join the Pop Art Lab group and leave a notecard to Claus Uriza with names. Please remove objects after filming. Scripts will be enabled.
The sim will be open 4 weeks prior to submission deadline so everyone have the time to come record. We kindly ask all of you to act appropriately and show respect and understanding so everyone will be able to record in peace and ensure a fair play.

Send us your machinima by April 9th 2010 and enter the contest for the award of 100.000 Linden dollars.

To submit one or more films you need to upload them to YouTube and then send the appropriate link to Denne e-mail adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den. along with your film title, name and contact info. Please add "(Pop Art Lab Contest Entry)" to your film title on YouTube. We will collect entries as favorites on our contest channel and embed finalist films on our blog ‐ http://popartlab.com (Films with highly inappropriate content will be excluded).

$100.000 Lindens. Pop Art Lab Machinima will award cash prize according to the jurys best choice. There is only one winner.


Submission deadline – April 9, 2010
Recording period – March 9, 2010 through April 9, 2010
Winner will be announced ‐ April 16, 2010 at our new Pop Art Lab sim launch.

You retain all of your ownership rights to your film submission. However, by submitting you also grant us (Pop Art Lab) a license to use, reproduce and distribute your film for promotional and documentary use only.

Resolution: Minimum of 320×240, maximum of 800×600.
Widescreen: 720p (fine too).
Frame rate: Minimum 20 frames per second.
Audio: Minimum 22khz 16‐bit audio.
Size: 100 Mb


  • Jeska Linden: 5 year+ at Linden Lab, Director of Community Development, been Burning Life cordinator plus tons other LL activities.
  • Chantal Harvey: Recently included in the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) programme and a prime mover in Europes SL based Machinima community.
  • Lisbeth Frølunde (RL), PHd, Postdoc: Runs a study on machinima entitled A study of Machinima as a creative practice at RUC University, Denmark
  • Claus Uriza, Founder of Pop Art Lab, Co-Founder of Pop Vox: Will call when Espresso ready, serve plates and stay away from the blitz.


Pop Art Lab was founded start of 2008 in the virtual world of Second Life. It provides a dynamic immersive environment within which avatars can gather together to share their interest in music, movies & machinima, and attend live concerts and events occurring both entirely within the virtual environment and in mixed realities that merge reality with the metaverse.
Information about Pop Art Lab


The contest is co-sponsored by the Virtual Worlds Research Project. This large collaborative project, running from 2008‐2011, joins university researchers at two Danish universities (Roskilde University and Copenhagen Business School) and a range of different partners. The project is funded by the Danish Strategic Research Council, KINO and explores sense‐making and user‐driven innovation in virtual worlds.

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