Machinima dokumentar: Steampunk Sport

Machinima kort documentary: Steampunk Sport

Babbage Steampunk Town - Burning Barrel Race November 03, 2008

Last July, Loki Elliot turned sweeping shots of the steampunk city New Babbage into a widely viewed machinima travelogue, earning the attention of Boing Boing itself.

Featuring Babbaginians competing in their annual Burning Barrel Race. As the name suggests, the Race features ladies and gentlemen and scamps of all ages dressed in their Victorian finery, pushing fiery barrels down a city street. ("The tradition is thought to frighten off deamons and bring good luck in the town this winter,".) You'll notice more than a little lag in places, and textures which fail to load, suggesting that Loki shot the action "live".

Mr. Elliot added a soaring musical score, subtle but effective sound effects, and great cutaway shots to convey the scope of the race.

The result is a sort of machinima sports documentary, covering not just the actual race, but the culture that makes it thrive.

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