Machinima: Molotov Alva


episode2Afsnittene er desværre ikke tilgængelige længere!

I 2006 blev Instruktøren Douglas Gayeton kontaktet af det hollandske firma Submarine om at lave en dokumentarfilm, og han mente at Second Life ville være et perfekt emne.

Grayeton var ham, der sammen med science fiction forfatteren William Gibson, skrev og instruerede Johnny Mnemonic, den første interaktive film på CD-rom.

"Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey" blev titlen, og projektet blev til den første dokumentar, filmet fuldstændigt i en virtuel verden. Machinima'en medvirkede til at gøre den noget underligt udseende, og på/af-klædte, Orhalla Zander (SL navn) kendt. Først som kult person, men i dag anerkendt og berømt, med et stort følge af ligetænkende (Hobo community) .

De 10 afsnit indledes med ordene:

"In 2007, a man named Molotov Alva, disappeared from his Californian home.
Recently, a series of video dispatches by a Traveler of the same name have appeared within a popular online world called Second Life."

Selv om grafikken er fra 2006, så er der ikke noget galt med indholdet. De ca. 7 minutter lange afsnit, er velgennemtænkte, og de fleste vil formentlig genkende noget af sig selv, oplevelser, tanker og erfaringer, ikke kun fra den virtuelle verden, men også fra den virkelige. Nu har jeg vist allerede røbet for meget.

Kun en kommentar mere: Man behøver ikke at have brugt Second Life for at få noget ud af afsnittene. Se dem!



Episode 1:

Out of His Skin
How Molotov discovered his silicon self

A man leaves his Petaluma, California home and enters a virtual world called Second Life as an avatar named Molotov Alva. He arrives with no possessions, not even clothing.

Alva considers all that he has left behind in coming here, and concludes that when his memories of the real world eventually recede into nothingness, his old life will have disappeared



Episode 2:

Molotov's Conundrum
Is almost real... real enough?

Molotov sets out to create a life for himself in Second Life. He begins by building his own home and furnishing it with objects he discovers during his travels.
However, he ultimately decides that his new home is merely a trap, one that keeps him tied to memories of the life he'd just left. Molotov eventually gets rid of his home (and everything in it) and continues on his journey.



Episode 3:

The Trouble With Money
Even when it's virtual

Molotov meets a hobo named Orhalla Zander, who introduces the "Five Ways of the Seeker". These include:

  1. The Seeker Goes Everywhere
  2. The Seeker Forever Remains In Motion
  3. The Seeker Tries Everything Once
  4. The Seeker Neither Earns nor Spends
  5. The Seeker only Journeys with other Seekers



Episode 4:

Some Friends He Made
Molotov travels with the Hobo King

Molotov attempts to make friends in Second Life. Along the way he meets the people of Caledon, a Luddite community still living in the 19th Century.



Episode 5:

Oh The Places They Will Go
Molotov and Orhalla's almost adventure

Molotov and Orhalla search for the Creator of Second Life. Their journey brings them into contact with Gorean sex slaves, Cyberpunks, and Furries. Despite these encounters, Molotov and Orhalla fail in their search.



Episode 6:

Molotov Perplexed
Do all roads lead home?

Molotov decides to search for a mate and settle down. Various misadventures ensue until Molotov finally meets Abigail.

They set up house together but are continually troubled by their inability to have physical intimacy. Orhalla ultimately appears with news that he's found the Creator. Faced with the decision of either staying with Abigail or joining Orhalla, he ultimately decides to complete his unfinished journey.



Episode 7:

Somewhere Out There
Molotov's final journey

Molotov and Orhalla return to many of the locations they'd visited earlier in the documentary, yet find no sign of the Creator. Orhalla ultimately brings Molotov to the Oracle, who explains that there is no one single creator of Second Life, but that it is, instead, a world made by its users, each of whom is the Creator.





Episode 8:

Flower Power
Molotov goes into business

Having solved the riddle of the Creator, Molotov sets out to become one himself. He apprentices at various jobs, including a stint with Otis Mapplethorpe, "the Johnny Appleseed of this new world", before setting out to make his own exotic plants. The high demand for his products attracts the attention of a large company, which crushes him with their mass produced goods. Molotov soon learns that corporations have entered this virtual world en masse and have filled it with their "brand pollution".

Molotov tries to escape to a desert island, only to find that the corporations have made it even here.





Episode 9:

Action / Reaction
How Molotov embraced his Red Side.

Molotov's anger with this virtual world's shortcomings leads him to become a "griefer". He joins a gang and takes part in a number of attacks on other members of the virtual world until deciding that such aggression is ultimately pointless.





Episode 10:

Molotov Alva Will Live Forever
If he's not careful.

Molotov reconnects with Abigail and they rekindle their relationship. The two even consider starting a family, but after Molotov realizes that he is immortal he abandons the thought of having children. He subsequently becomes depressed and for the first time misses his real world life. Finally, Abigail announces that she has found a way out of this virtual world and leaves. Molotov realizes that Abigail is the only real thing he's found in this virtual world and follows after her.

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