Dansk machinima arrangement Netfilmmakers’ 17.edition

netfilmmakers-real-un-real-150x150Under overskriften "Open Call: Machinima in Second Life - Real-Un-Real?" har Netfilmmakers DK har et arrangemant d. 23. August 209 i København, med følgende oplæg:

The upcoming Real-Un-Real: Imagery from the Virtual challenges our notion of the filmic genre. This net exhibition is based on "Machinima" art works, which brings the following questions into debate:

  • Why use the filmic language in Second Life?
  • Does Second Life provide less restrictions compared to the making of machinima in other 3D online-enviroments?
  • Does "Machinimas" succeed in telling us about human relations?
  • Is the making of "Machinima" another way of playing with identities and virtual relations?
  • Does the virtual body language give way to new interpretations of physical acting or is this a kind of digital puppetry?
  • Are soundtracks more important in machinimas compared to the use of these in "real" films?
  • What kind of new narrative possibilities does this genre open up to?

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