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Hvad sker der når videospil møder web 2.0? Når virtuelle verdener møder geospatial kort over planeten? Når simulationer bliver virkelige og virksomheder går ind i det virtuelle? Når du bruger en virtuel jord til at navigerer en fysiske jord, og din avatar bliver din online agent? Hvad sker der med metaverse?

Hvis ovenstående lyder som, som volapyk, så behøver du ikke læse videre.

Den 28 sider lange rapport, lavet i 2007 er fundet på
Har du interesse i nedenstående overskrifter:

  • Metaverse Definition
  • Metaverse Scenarios
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Mirror Worlds
  • Augmented Reality
  • Lifelogging
  • Mirror Worlds (External/Simulation)
  • Augmented Reality (External/Augmentation)
  • Lifelogging (Intimate/Augmentation)
  • How These Combine
  • Cross-Scenario Issues
  • Social Benefits and Challenges
  • Information and Education
  • Transparency and Political Power
  • Business Benefits and Challenges
  • Privacy and Control
  • The Metaverse Scenario

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Ny ord der måske finder vej til vores sprog
Theodore Wright, SL California Condor, Organizer for the New Jersey Metaverse Meetup
lavede i Oktober 2007 denne liste:

"The term VERSE is used as a collective description that describes
everything that is contained within the physical or virtual universe. The
VERSE also includes the multiple configurations that are currently
available or will be available within the Virtual Universe."

"The VERSE uses a similar naming structure as "The Net" and includes
intraverse, extraverse, paraverse and interverse virtual world

"Interverse The Intervese is a world wide integrated virtual universe
environment that is accessible via a single common client and integrated
by a common back plane."

"Intraverse Privately owner Virtual World that resides on an internal
network that is not accessible by anyone outside of the that network

"Extraverse Is a privately owned virtual world that resides on a private
network. These virtual world are accessible by one or more organizations
but not by the general public."

Paraverse or Parallel Universe
"Paraverse or Parallel Universe or paraverse is a virtual environment that
is based on real world data such as GIS and satellite information that is
overlaid with 3 dimensional objects representing the objects in the real

Some Early Examples Include the following and some fall into more than one

(A few companies are using this term already)

Active Worlds
Media Grid

(no one has really defined themselves in this space)

Active Worlds

(There are hundreds of these but here are my favourites).

Second Life
Active Worlds
Entropia Universe
The Music Lounge
Meet-Me ttp://

There is no real paraverse today (oct 2007) but some early examples of
the emergance of a paraverse are.

Google Earth
Virtual Earth
NASA World Wind
TerrainView, Viewtec

(Jeg lader det op til dig at checke links)

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